I am delighted to announcethe launch of Commencis.

Commencis brings together more than 15 years of experience in the world of digital, mobile, design and technology. Our journey started as Pozitron, then we became Monitise, we will now continue to grow as Commencis.

At Commencis, we have a dedicated mission to build purposeful digital transformation journeys and products for leading brands across the globe. We gather the right mixture of design, engineering and innovation to commence lasting digital interactions and relationships for success in the digital future.

Our name comes from the word “to commence”, which means “to begin”. Commencis represents the beginning of something great, greater than digital transformation, emphasizing an evolution towards the digital future and the digital society.

With products and services spanning across four continents, we help leading brands commence their next evolution. Our talent pool, experience in technology and capabilities at Commencis are incredible. The team is comprised of 200 inspiring leaders, strategists, designers and engineers. We are all passionate, adaptive, curious and collaborative.

For Commencers, nothing is more rewarding than navigating the waters of the ultimate digital experience along with leading brands and to come up with purposeful digital journeys.

In this new beginning, we dream of helping world’s leading brands to build an open-minded, inclusive digital society. A digital society that empowers individuals, and their ability to both participate in and contribute to decision-making and production processes.

Commencis is here to pave the way for a thriving digital society!

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