Future of CIO Summit: Efficient & Scalable IoT Service Delivery on Cloud

Future of CIO Summit: Efficient & Scalable IoT Service Delivery on Cloud

On April 27th, a gathering of technology leaders and innovators took place at the Future of CIO Summit event, specifically planned to explore and exchange ideas in the field of information technology and cloud. The event featured many discussions and presentations on how cloud technologies can shape the IoT ecosystem. Sait Alp Pekin, Commencis Cloud Chief Commercial Officer, and Anıl Gürbüz, Vestel’s Cloud Systems Group Manager, stepped onto the stage to enlighten the audience about potentials of AWS on IoT in an agile and competitive business environment. In the event, Anıl Gürbüz received the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ award for the Veezy app. The VeeZy app, designed by the Vestel UX/UI Design Group for Vestel, is a cutting-edge application developed for smart homeowners. It provides seamless control and monitoring of home appliances, empowering users to effortlessly manage their smart homes with convenience and efficiency. In addition, we would also like to congratulate Anıl Gürbüz for his well-deserved recognition with the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ award, honoring his contributions to the Veezy app.

Unlocking the Potential: Cloud Systems and the IoT Ecosystem:

Sait Alp Pekin and Anıl Gürbüz highlighted how cloud systems can boost the Internet of Things (IoT) environment during their talk. They showed the critical role of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in delivering efficiency, cost savings, and scalability in IoT systems. They also emphasized the game-changing impact that cloud systems can have on organizations across industries, allowing them to maximize the power of IoT while maintaining high levels of innovation and productivity.

During the session, the speakers highlighted the significant contributions of AWS cloud technologies in the development of the Home Connectivity Alliance project—an integrated application designed to seamlessly connect all devices. This allows the consumer to operate all devices from various brands using a single application. Vestel created a C2C cloud integration with industry partners for the development of this application, resulting in an extended ecosystem. The program, which is set to be released in the third quarter of this year, will play a key role in smart living and smart home concepts.

The presentation also demonstrated the effectiveness of more than 50 AWS services such as lambda, API Gateway, CloudWatch, and serverless architecture in an agile and fast-paced market. In addition, the presentation focused on AWS’s effectiveness in data gathering, data storage, analytics, and security challenges.

A Fruitful Exchange of Ideas:

The Future of CIO Summit is organized by CXO Media and brings together technology leaders and innovators from various industries. Attendees got the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, forge meaningful connections, and exchange innovative ideas that will shape the future of the industry. We also had the chance to present Commencis Cloud services at our exhibition stand.

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of a digital world, events like this will play an increasingly crucial role in promoting knowledge sharing, developing collaborations, and driving innovation.

We are looking forward to future tech events as the knowledge and experience of this summit will continue to drive the industry towards new technological advancements.

Future of CIO Summit

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