In the era of true intelligent transformation where Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are creating incredible opportunities for business, they are at the focus of leading brands; scalability and dynamic access to the world of data is the driver. Commencis Cloud services enable cloud transformation through aligning IT infrastructure to the business objectives. Migration of apps, systems, data and more to the cloud, builds the foundations of true transformation. Agility starts at the cloud.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We work together to design your cloud strategy and roadmap for business outcomes, not technology. We help you with assessing the readiness of your portfolio, and defining future roadmap for your business. Whether your applications and processes can be moved directly to the cloud, or need re-platforming or recoding, we support you by providing an informed perspective on migration options, total cost and technical challenges you will face.

Cloud Cost Optimization

We help you save your money with the optimized cloud infrastructure. Focusing on lowering your cloud costs, we develop the best-fit cloud infrastructure for your cloud needs meeting the business expectations. We help you optimize cloud infrastructure and transform business processes for substantial cost savings as well as long-term goals for growth and sustainability.

Cloud Migration

Cloud adoption requires a comprehensive project planning and a paradigm shift in thinking, execution and culture. We help our clients to migrate their current infrastructure to a cloud environment addressing all aspects of cloud migration lifecycle. With extensive knowledge and experience on partner cloud solutions, we accelerate your migration as well as business results.

Cloud DevOps and Consulting

Companies increasingly need shorter time-to-market and better operating efficiency. DevOps practices speed up your operations without sacrificing quality. Commencis DevOps practice enables you to transform how you design, build and operate cloud services.

Cloud Support

As companies have challenges to manage and fully optimize their cloud investments. Improving cloud performance, optimizing costs and avoiding risks require in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise. We provide dedicated cloud services support to stay you up and running smoothly. As you focus on improving your business, we help you deal with cloud management problems and incidents.

Global Partnerships

Being an accredited solution partner of the leading cloud providers, we provide end-to-end cloud services using our extensive knowledge and more than 10 years of cloud transformation experience.

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