Financial Services

Strengthening PayCore’s Payment Systems with AWS DevOps


Financial Services

Strengthening PayCore’s Payment Systems with AWS DevOps


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"Adopting AWS DevOps with the help of Commencis gave us a robust and complete experience. As PayCore, we are now able to deliver secure services for our European customers faster, cheaper and with even higher quality."   Levent Keçeci - Head of Infrastructure at PayCore

About PayCore

The payment solutions company is also a leading player in emerging mobile payment, open-loop transit, and wearable payment technologies. PayCore’s PCI DSS, BKM, MasterCard and Visa certified Transaction Center, with its reliable infrastructure, serves a customer portfolio including the world’s leading companies in the financial sector. The company manages millions of credit and debit cards running on PayCore solutions.

Business Challenge

In today’s business environment, productiveness is what makes a business stand out from its competitors. Therefore, PayCore needed to quit inefficient methods in their working models by shifting to more advanced technologies. As the old traditional methods of using installed or onsite software are getting replaced by real-time data access over the internet, there are many solutions for business to streamline their work processes like modernizing their data to centralized computing platforms, such as cloud-based systems. What’s more, PayCore also needed to improve its ability to scale up to cash markets. And to do so, the payment solutions company had to modernize business operations such as time tracking, invoicing, and billing processes to cloud-based systems.

Of all the business operations, billing is one of the most critical aspects. Delays in payment from customers can put the feasibility of a business at stake, so getting payments on time is critical no matter what business you are in. The faster the invoices are generated and sent to the clients; the quicker payments will happen for working hours. Since cloud-based billing software represents an effective billing solution to have flexibility in billing and generating bills with ease even outside the office, PayCore has switched to use Red Hat OpenShift. The company is now using PostgreSQL Database in their environment while keeping the existing one in their on-premises data center. Also, PayCore decided to move its SoftPOS application which has been hosted on-premises. With this transition, PayCore seeks to expand hosting regions to fulfill some regulatory requirements.

Thus, the payment solutions company was challenged with building a modern DevOps Cycle on the cloud and relocating seamlessly its SoftPOS application from on-premise OpenShift to AWS. With Commencis’ DevOps capabilities, PayCore is now running its business with a well-architected environment with minimum risk.


Thanks to close cooperation between cloud and engineering teams of Commencis, PayCore managed to deploy their new application release by using the CI/CD pipeline on AWS.

CI/CD pipeline using AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline where Development, QA and Production environment is being prepared on demand and being removed when there are no significant cost savings to the client. Within the project, a production ready Terraform script was formulated in line with the best practices to provision EKS & RDS Infrastructure.

With the help pf AWS DevOps services and the expertise of Commencis, PayCore was found to be compliant against Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard v3.2 (PCI DSS) by the authorized auditor.

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Reduced lead time by saving time on environment setup and manual testing,
  • Infrastructure built on every trigger of the pipeline ensured that done to deploy takes a max of 20 mins instead of a manual process that takes more than 3 hours.
  • Catching bugs faster, finding more complex bugs, and reducing the code work for PayCore developers
  • Helping to avoid repetitive tasks such as setting up testing environments and being able to spin up the environment PayCore needs to test the product without having to open a ticket with DevOps, leaving the DevOps team more time for other tasks.
  • Increasing accuracy as deployment automation executes all steps flawlessly.
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