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The world’s number one fortune teller app migrates and modernizes for enhanced performance with Devops help from Commencis on AWS


Digital Entertainment

The world’s number one fortune teller app migrates and modernizes for enhanced performance with Devops help from Commencis on AWS


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"Our partnership with Commencis and AWS has been a great experience. Commencis took our vision for a modern PaaS stack utilizing AWS and provided us the boost we needed to address the issues of scalability in a timely fashion."   Kaya Diker - Co-founder & CTO at Faladdin

About Faladdin

Founded in 2017, Faladdin is an artificial intelligence-based fortune teller app. The app offers individual analysis about life by combining its deep learning skills and ancient knowledge of mystical disciplines like tarot, astrology, clairvoyance, and coffee cup reading.The app catering more than 15 million users is available on the App Store and Google Play with multiple language options.

Business Challenge

Faladdin, the world’s number one fortune teller app, faced the challenge of handling a massive amount of daily data. Faladdin did not have a specialized team having the technical knowledge to manage scalability and migrate databases to configure and apply best practices. In case of any failures or decisions while transforming to container approach they needed an authorized partner.
Recognizing the need to migrate and modernize their application platform, Faladdin team turned to Commencis for assistance.

Commencis played a crucial role in migrating and modernizing Faladdin’s applications and databases, creating a well-architected environment, and minimizing downtime.


Commencis brought DevOps best practices to Faladdin fully integrating development and operations. This project aimed to migrate and modernize customer’s applications and containerize their workloads without interruption and in a hassle-free way. Commencis proposed and executed a full migration scope of work, relocating Faladdin’s infrastructure to AWS from their local data center. This significant transition was instrumental in enhancing Faladdin’s overall performance, reliability, and capacity planning capabilities.

In the previous scenario, the application stack was running in Elastic Beanstalk as standalone EC2 instances. They were using the EC2 instance backed on the server-side. Also, databases were running in those instances. They have created PHP and NodeJS platforms for their application stack.

As a result of the assessment process, a new infrastructure setup initiated on Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) as an application platform. Faladdin was developed in client-side backend with PHP, Nodejs.
Commencis was responsible for the containerization of Faladdin’s application workloads. Besides, Commencis has modernized and updated core infrastructure components such as RDS security, Networking, NGINX configurations, Jenkins CI/CD pipelines.

At the end of the modernization project, Faladdin application designed in a three-tier architecture pattern. Application layer implemented in an Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) within the leverage of horizontal pod auto scaler. Data-tier implemented in RDS Aurora MySQL database cluster; storage ensured by EBS volumes. Presentation tier implemented in Cloudfront CDN; Static contents stored in S3. All tiers are scalable.

In case of security optimization, risk mitigation has been done. Security baseline applied to account to be secure and defensive for malware. Accounts have been separated from each other as dev/prod to ensure for both providing a flexible playground and secure production-grade workloads.


Faladdin has enabled faster product delivery by using DevOps practices and new application architecture which are implemented by Commencis. The most important outputs at the end of the project are increasing scalability, functionality, and performance of the workloads.

Migrating to AWS allowed Faladdin to enhance performance, reliability, and capacity planning, while modernizing their applications and databases with minimized risk and downtime. This transformation empowered Faladdin to effectively manage their data and deliver a well-architected environment for their fortune teller app.

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