Digital Entertainment

Binnaz moves faster than ever with AWS DevOps


Digital Entertainment

Binnaz moves faster than ever with AWS DevOps


Sertaç Binnaz

"Thanks to Commencis, Binnaz’s migration to AWS DevOps was handled with care and strong expertise. Now, Binnaz can assure that the mobile app is of a high-quality."   Sertaç Taşdelen - Co-Founder/CEO at Binnaz

About Binnaz

Binnaz is a live psychic, astrology and tarot readings mobile platform founded in 2010. With talented online advisors, the app offers individual analysis about life by combining its deep and coffee cup reading. Having more than 1 million downloads, the app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Business Challenge

As ever in the digital world, time is always in the change. However, the rise in mobile devices, collaboration apps, data regulations and ever-increasing data breaches has caused the time to change a little too quickly for many businesses, especially when it comes to scaling their business and controlling content.

At this point, Binnaz decided to modernize its infrastructure to provide better service to its customers and to provide instant feedback and wanted to serve more customers with scalable and well-designed infrastructure. In addition to usage frequency which has been increasing every day, the astrology app has more than 1 million daily usages of end-users.

Binnaz realized that the mobile app has not enough capability to serve 1 million users at the same time with traditional infrastructure solutions. To improve its hosting problems, Binnaz has partnered with Commencis and the company is currently being hosted in a single AWS account together with the company’s other popular online fortune application Faladdin. Binnaz decided to move its mobile app to a new AWS environment and Dockerize it. Within this step, Binnaz aimed to have a better scaling and higher performance app that is organized in two separate development and production accounts.

There are several reasons behind Binnaz’s need for migration to AWS and modernization of the infrastructure. As it is known, a scalable application should have a high bar until which performance doesn’t degrade significantly. It should also be easy to update, maintain, and restore after a downtime of any kind. Therefore, applications must handle increased traffic and loads in a world of hyper-connectivity. Since mobile apps need to be able to handle a growing number of users at once, app scalability has become one of the most important issues for Binnaz.

Thus, the astrology company was challenged with developing its capacity to innovate and host its increasing number of end-users. With Commencis’ DevOps capabilities, Binnaz is now strengthening its presence in main markets.


Commencis brought DevOps best practices to Binnaz by fully integrating development and operations. With the help of Commencis, Binnaz now;

• avoids repetitive tasks like setting up testing environments, and is able to spin up the environment that Binnaz needs to test the product without having to open a ticket with DevOps, leaving the DevOps team more time for other tasks.
• increases accuracy as deployment automation executes all steps flawlessly.
• reduces lead time by saving time on environment setup and manual testing.
• catches bugs faster, finds more complex bugs, and reduces the code work for Binnaz developers.

Outcomes & Benefits

• Binnaz’s infrastructure scalability has decreased from 60 min to 2 min.
• Before having AWS DevOps capabilities, Binnaz had a deployment time of more than 20 min. Now, the deployment process has decreased to less than 5 minutes with a well-automated pipeline architecture.
• Optimized HR (developers) and increased automation processes with the use of AWS ECS.
• 72% rate of saved costs which was brought back into business by adopting cloud technology

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