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"With the PIM API system, our goal was to deploy an auto-scaling infrastructure on the AWS Cloud that could handle millions of products and user queries worldwide. Commencis is leveraging its agile and DevOps expertise, automated build, and system deployment, which allows for a reduction in environment provisioning time, zero downtime, and 100% improvement in recovery time objectives. With greater visibility over entire systems and processes, we can see the full business picture and make better-informed business decisions."  


Serkan Bayazıt-  IT Manager, Digital Marketing & Customer Experience at BSH

About BSH

BSH is one of the world’s leading home appliance manufacturing companies, with 40+ production sites in Europe, the USA, Latin America, and Asia along with a strong network of 80 sales, production, and service companies in 50+ countries. With outstanding home appliances and useful digital services, BSH meets the needs of consumers worldwide.

Business Challenge

The goal was to develop BSH’s PIM (Product Information Management) processes so that BSH’s end users could easily access up-to-date product information from different points and on different applications. Within the scope of the PIM application programming interface (API) system, a wide range of information, including the features and documentation of BSH products, can now be queried in several languages. The application required the establishment of a high-performance and scalable architecture that could handle simultaneous systems queries and results in a short timeframe.

Output Architecture

Commencis combines the rich experience of DevOps and agile development methodologies to integrate the application portfolio. The Commencis Cloud Team developed a two-part solution for BSH:

  1. Updates to existing product information:
  • In addition to obtaining product data and storing the information in a secure database, the existing product information also needed to be updated. The information was ultimately transferred to the AWS Aurora PostgreSQL database via AWS Lambda functions. Another Lambda function is responsible for precomputing the query responses to show real-time locations of the existing product lines. With the use of SQS, we provided a distributed architecture structure; when an update is made in Lambda functions, the system can be securely activated and operated again without any data loss. The preferences made on the database side have been selected and adjusted according to the scalable and high-availability requirements while ensuring the need for large amounts of parallel querying.
  1. Product information inquiry:
  • Product information is queried by BSH systems, which can be accessed through the AWS API Gateway. The integrated AWS Lambda function within the API Gateway allows for queries of the requested product information. The cached results are retrievable in JSON format from the AWS Aurora PostgreSQL database. AWS Aurora Read Replica structures have been added so that many parallel queries can be performed quickly.

Outcomes & Benefits

  • BSH now has a scalable product where it can query up-to-date product information in tandem with different internal and external systems through a scalable and distributed architecture, all within the Amazon Web Services cloud environment.
  • The plan is to install the AWS CloudFront through the AWS API Gateway, as the PIM API system needs to be queried from different countries in the later phases of the project. This will ensure that delays caused by the data connection at remote points are avoided.
  • The Commencis Cloud Team developed end-to-end applications, conducted performance and load tests, and utilized multiple AWS services.
  • Developing a product and implementing a distributed and scalable architecture allowed for a reusable solution that can be implemented in many convenient formats at BSH (In the near future, all production information will be available on this new system).

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