Key Advantages of AWS Database Migration Services (DMS)

Automatically migrate your database and analytics workloads to AWS.

Migrate with high availability and minimal downtime using Multi-AZ and continuous data replication.

The AWS Data Management Service (DMS) supports migration between a wide variety of databases and analytics engines.

Cost-effective migration of large databases. Migration costs only include compute resources and log storage.

How it Works

Provides support for homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations from a range of databases, including open-source databases.

How you can benefit from AWS DMS

A simplified migration process makes it easy to move from legacy or on-premises databases to managed cloud services and gives developers time to innovate.

Maintain redundant backups of business-critical databases and data stores to minimize the risk of data loss and downtime.

Utilize purpose-built databases for innovation and faster development at scale at a fraction of the cost.

Implement data lakes and process change data from your data sources in real-time.

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