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Commencis steers Arçelik's Cloud Migration Journey with the help of AWS services


About Arçelik

Arçelik, a global household appliances and consumer electronics company founded in 1955, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology. Headquartered in Turkey and operating in over 140 countries, Arçelik has cemented its position as a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge appliances. With a keen eye on the technology horizon, the company continually introduces groundbreaking solutions across its diverse product range, encompassing refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and air conditioning units.

Through user-centric design and a relentless pursuit of research and development, Arçelik remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the home appliance industry. As the world continues its digital transformation, Arçelik’s forward-looking approach ensures it remains a trusted provider of advanced, efficient, and environmentally conscious solutions for tech-savvy consumers worldwide.

The Challenge

Arçelik faced a series of significant challenges, each requiring strategic solutions to enhance their operations. Their primary objectives encompassed establishing a robust disaster recovery (DR) plan for their local data centers, migrating their backup solution to AWS S3, and centralizing call center services through Amazon Connect. The driving force behind these initiatives was multifaceted. The absence of an active DR plan left Arçelik vulnerable to potential downtime in the event of a disaster, a concern further exacerbated by recent earthquakes in Turkey, prompting a heightened sense of urgency at the board level. Additionally, the decision to transition backup services from another cloud provider to AWS was rooted in the pursuit of cost advantages. Lastly, the goal of centralizing and standardizing call center management aimed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency across the organization. These challenges underscored Arçelik’s commitment to resilience, cost-efficiency, and operational excellence in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.


Arçelik was seeking a partner to expedite their cloud migration and disaster recovery (DR) efforts. Utilizing the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) methodology, Commencis conducted a comprehensive discovery and analysis to inform Arçelik about the potential costs associated with migrating and establishing a DR solution from local data centers to the AWS cloud. This analysis culminated in the delivery of a business case, equipping Arçelik’s leadership with the necessary data to make informed decisions regarding cloud migration and DR, as well as a clear roadmap for future steps.

Commencis Cloud team established a secure cloud foundation by utilizing CloudFormation StackSets for account deployment in customer accounts, integrated with OKTA – SSO for authentication. They refined and confirmed the network architecture, ensuring the proper setup of Transit Gateway, routing protocols, and AWS Direct Connect. This setup offers isolated accounts while centralizing billing for both migrated and modernized tasks.

Furthermore, Commencis developed a comprehensive plan for migration and modernization, accompanied by an operational guide. This served as a pivotal resource for knowledge transfer and the ensuing migration and modernization of additional environments.

Arçelik gained numerous advantages from the AWS services they adopted. Using AWS MGN (Migration Hub and Application Migration Service) made their migration smooth and efficient, leading to minimal interruptions and decreased downtime—key for Arçelik’s day-to-day operations. This unified platform also made project management more straightforward, providing clear oversight.

By utilizing AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service), Arçelik was able to cut storage costs and boost data reliability and security, especially when transitioning their backup solution. This led to improved data organization and more efficient management.

Furthermore, the introduction of an elastic disaster recovery solution greatly enhanced Arçelik’s ability to bounce back from unforeseen issues. This robust plan not only reduced the chances of data loss and downtime but also guaranteed quick recovery—crucial for ongoing business operations. This move bolstered their disaster readiness and compliance, aligning them with top industry standards.

Outcomes and Benefits

Arçelik streamlined their migration and modernization, minimizing downtime and maintaining vital operations consistently.

Through AWS S3, Arçelik refined storage expenses and amplified data security and reliability, thereby boosting data management efficiency.

Moreover, the introduction of an elastic disaster recovery strategy bolstered Arçelik’s robustness, reducing potential hazards and guaranteeing swift bounce-back from unforeseen setbacks. These strategic steps together elevated their business agility and readiness for any disaster.

By tapping into AWS’s potential, Arçelik not only updated their tech infrastructure but also adopted cost-friendly solutions and efficient processes, marking their prominence in the competitive electronics and home appliances domain.

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