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Tradeware's Journey to the Cloud: Strategic Migration and Modernization with Commencis


About Tradeware

Tradeware Teknoloji is a software and technology company specializing in cutting-edge algorithmic trading solutions. Tradeware addresses client needs with rapid, customizable, and dependable products to ensure their competitive edge.

At the heart of Tradeware’s business lies science-driven technology. Highly skilled developers and researchers from renowned institutions collaborate on crafting top-tier software products for financial markets.

The Challenge

Tradeware embarked on a migration initiative as part of its strategic transformation efforts. This migration was driven by a combination of business and technical imperatives. On the business front, Tradeware sought to optimize its operational costs while harnessing the power of a flexible, scalable, resilient, and highly secure platform that offered exceptional agility. Additionally, enhancing the reliability of its operations was a paramount objective.

On the technical side of the spectrum, Tradeware looked to leverage the elasticity of the cloud, with an eye towards potential multi-region capabilities in the future. This allowed for greater adaptability and resource allocation optimization. Furthermore, the organization was committed to bolstering the security posture of its workloads in the cloud through the deployment of cloud-native security tools and services, thereby ensuring the protection of its digital assets and sensitive data. In summary, Tradeware’s migration strategy was driven by a well-balanced fusion of cost optimization, agility, reliability, and robust security measures, all facilitated by the capabilities and advantages offered by cloud technology.

Tradeware sought a reliable partner with a proven track record in Amazon Web Services (AWS) projects. Tradeware chose Commencis to spearhead a migration and modernization initiative for their cloud solutions. During the source discovery, Commencis identified that the customer was planning to re-host most of their existing workloads. Furthermore, they were planning to introduce new workloads as part of the Migration and Modernization process.


The project had established several key goals to determine the success and readiness of the new platform. Firstly, it aimed to design and implement a fully functional AWS Landing Zone (LZ) that included a well-structured account environment and governance framework encompassing rules for security, operations, and internal compliance.

Secondly, the project goal involved the migration of virtual machines (VMs) and included extensive testing, validation of desired outcomes, the definition of success metrics, and plans for knowledge transfer. Additionally, the project emphasized thorough documentation, covering high-level solution architecture, operating models, and business continuity plans, ensuring a comprehensive reference for the project’s structure and operation.

Tradeware derived substantial benefits from AWS services such as Active Directory and Transit Gateway. The integration of Active Directory allowed Tradeware to centralize identity management, providing a streamlined authentication and authorization process for AWS resources. This not only simplified user access but also enhanced security through the implementation of AD-based policies. Tradeware minimized administrative overhead, further boosting operational efficiency.

On the network front, Transit Gateway simplified Tradeware’s network architecture by acting as a central hub, connecting multiple Amazon VPCs and on-premises data centers. This scalability supported Tradeware’s business growth, allowing them to expand their AWS infrastructure without complex manual configurations. Advanced network routing and segmentation capabilities empowered Tradeware to implement precise security and routing policies, safeguarding their data and applications. Moreover, the consolidation of network traffic through Transit Gateway translated to cost savings by reducing the need for intricate VPN or Direct Connect setups and lowering data transfer costs. In essence, Tradeware harnessed the power of AWS services to streamline identity management, fortify network infrastructure, and optimize their cloud operations, ultimately driving efficiency and security gains.

Outcomes and Benefits

Tradeware’s strategic shift to AWS not only optimized cost structures and enhanced operational efficiency but also strengthened its security framework. The migration laid a solid groundwork for anticipated growth and adaptability, keeping pace with changing market needs. Overall, this move to AWS brought forth clear advantages in efficiency, security, and scalability, priming Tradeware for sustained success in the ever-evolving digital realm.

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