New Trend: Being Yourself!


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For the last few years, we have been experiencing a period in which trends themselves have become a trend. In this context, new interpretations of the art movements that date back many years before, or the structures that other companies have prepared for themselves become popular -with the excuse of making things easier!-; brands and products have become subject to disidentification; people try to use terms -Blockchain, Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence- at least once in a sentence without understanding their technologies; or some terms are used in graphic design interpretations -Bold Typography, Gradient and Vibrant Colors, Vintage Illustration etc.- as they are only included in the trend writings, although they do not fit their character.

If you have tried everything, it is time to clean up and to “Become Yourself!”

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Like people, brands and products have characters as well. Some are energetic and fast, while others are childish or mature. There are always unique appearances, speaking styles or behaviors that make them different among their competitors -in their social circle where they compete 🙂 -. When the concept of fashion or trend is practiced without being interpreted, society becomes a community of people who do not have their own style or are not different from each other. This is also true for brands or products.

People panic, saying “We fall behind!”, and adopt trends without understanding them thoroughly, try to carry out some approaches which keep us alive or broaden our horizons without knowing what they represent or their source, and where they come from. As a result, the Chatbots sharing the call center number after asking a few questions, the Artificial Intelligence systems that display a sexist approach, uniform digital products (web sites, applications), and the applications that are used incompatible with their information architecture emerge. In the circumstances, the products we use are becoming like a quality lipstick in the hands of a child making a mess.

design trends

Do you remember Metro design language of Windows? This design system was developed on the Swiss Design Style (Metro Design System) and we started to see it everywhere in that period. Note that we are talking about a system developed by interpreting a design style on the brand itself. However, our recent approach is to take any trend title, Design System, Framework, and even the methodologies that companies use in their research as exactly they are. Because, this is the trend, and it works!

Let’s just take it and use it. Because this is the current trend and it works! No, it’s not.

No design system, trend or framework promise to work outside the system they are developed for. They cannot do it either! These can only inspire us or provide practicality in some projects through open source code systems. When creating these structures, brands think of themselves, their target groups, their infrastructure and the points they want to reach. Therefore, the smallest detail of this system or any trend will never be guaranteed to work in harmony with you. Brands or products are like humans and they have their own characters, goals and followers. Therefore, they should move and develop by considering these parameters.

If a brand’s target audience prefers a communication method in which they feel privileged, using a Chat Bot may not be a valid tool for them. Or, just because they look nice, the colors you use can cause headaches in your target audience. The text you use most frequently, and the use of large fonts can cause confusion. Or the forms used by a world giant may not be perceived by your users. Your information architecture may not allow you to sweep all your functions under a single button (Hamburger Menu Icon History).

It is important and necessary that our perspective is compatible with our own character. For this, we must first know the character of our own product or brand. Then, depending on the goal that we intend to achieve in the future, we need to follow the changes that will help and improve it on this journey. In short, we need to be compatible with ourselves.

design trends


The spirit of our time leads people to be faster (or just to appear) while doing more in their lives. All brands want to come across everywhere and try to say more. Our world begins to be filled with unreal burdens, and people are trying to escape from these burdens.

Man, by nature, instinctively tries to protect himself when he is in danger. Like our body shuts itself out in the case of the slightest unhappiness or sickness, people block the ads to get rid of the burdens on them and block people who they don’t want to see. Therefore, someone develops this product which dims all the LCD screens in the surrounding! (IRL Glasses)

design trends

The number of people avoiding advertising all over the world is more than the number of people who terminate their subscription to all other services. As Nils Leonard says: “People are paying to avoid the things we devote to our lives.”

People don’t want the brand or products to place more burden on themselves, and they’re closing them down somehow.

Well, where are we heading?

Technology will continue at full speed -it’s nice till it spell the death of us:) — and trends will continue to be updated and changed. We can’t stop this. Because, human nature is interested in the new. This interest, as always, will continue its life with an increasing and decreasing curve graph. Now that people tend to get rid of the burdens in their minds, what we should do is to think in this direction. The growing interest of people in meditation and yoga, their pursuit of experiences that people feel more special, their blocking advertisements they don’t want, their desire to have simpler lives, and the fact that “The Headspace Guide to Meditation & Mindfulness” is one of Bill Gates’s favorite books in 2018, dictate to us: What we have to do is creating more plain, result-oriented, and easily accessible experiences, which our target group feel special at every point we come into contact with them.

It means...

Deciding where we want to be in the future, getting to know ourselves (product, brand, business etc.) better, forming our character, knowing what to tell to whom and how, thinking about how to appear to whom and where, being open to all kinds of innovations, but to understand and interpret these innovations and to advance in accordance with our own character creates a more reliable environment for us. We should also keep in mind that this is similarly true for our brand or product as well.

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language not a style”

Massimo Vignelli

design trends

2019 Trends

I wanted to write down some perspectives that would be good to keep in mind when performing compatible and right (although not trend) tasks, instead of titles such as “Bright colors are fashionable this year!”, or “The incredible rise of the mobile!”, or “10 Ways of retaining your customer’s loyalty’” or “Serif fonts are back!” (Explore why Serif fonts are easier to read and don’t be afraid to use them for your purpose, even if it’s not trend.) which you’re used to seeing under this title.

Tailored Designs

People try to feel more special. They want to take any shoes that everyone uses, and to customize it for themselves. This approach continues everywhere, from the clothes or items they use to their phones or the services they want to receive, and from the applications to the websites. It is an approach that we should keep in our minds, to keep track of the recent travels of the people and to facilitate their work accordingly, to know what might be needed and to provide them with simplicity, to make them feel special. Don’t forget! People don’t want to be followed, they just want to feel special.

Health and Mindfulness

We’ve been living so fast, there are some things we’ve forgotten during this mess. Yes, our physical and mental health! Many factors such as the unnatural burdens of life, intensive urban life, traffic and economy prevent us from thinking about ourselves. However, by its nature, man, by his own instinct of self-preservation, faces the things plainer, less tiring and make him happier.

Regardless of our product or brand, we need to reduce our cognitive load on people. Thus, people won’t get tired with our products, they can feel safe and happy.

You can do that even if you are a bank. Why not?

Coin of the Realm: Experience

We’ll see brands and products that better understand that how invaluable is the experience for people. Structures will reevaluate their processes from start to finish.

Structures will re-evaluate their processes thoroughly. You ordered a product online which you wanted very much. How secure was the process of shipping and was it as you desired? Or how did the product make you feel? Or how would you feel if your product cut your hand while unpacking? Would it wipe out the whole experience until that moment? All these will make us consider how important each stage of the experience is.

Do not forget! Users are no longer as helpless as they used to be, there are many alternative ways and defense systems.


Yes, it’s cliché, but it’s still the most challenging. To be simple, to simplify and apply without complicating what you can do. This will be a period in which we reevaluate our processes and get rid of our overloads. Our users are much smarter than we think and want to draw their own simple ways. Let’s help them!

More Favor

Lucky us! People, brands or products will do more favors, or they’ll look like they do. The turbulent world economy can lead us to do something without taking money. People will better understand that the spiritual satisfaction makes them feel better instead of the temporary material satisfaction. Perhaps the relevant practices will be at the top of the agenda. The same situation will also improve the company’s perspective on their employee. I hope!

Expandable, Flexible Structures

Our brand or products must be able to adapt to all weather conditions. The importance of this is more evident in these periods when we live faster. Because users’ positions, ideas and needs can change very quickly, and you need to be able to adapt to them.

Unorthodox, Asymmetric Layouts

Going beyond the ordinary, becoming different or thinking differently to reach innovations, experiencing or whatever we call it… They all are inherent approaches and will inevitably reflect to digital media. Therefore, we can begin to see different layouts and asymmetric approaches as well as the usual ones.

Universal Approach

Concepts of local or universal are redefined over time. What is called intercity centuries ago, can be called a neighborhood in our current understanding of the city. The cosmopolitan structures of cities allow different users from all directions to come into contact with your product. It’s getting harder and harder to guess when and where this happens. That’s why it’s time to think more universal. In fact, it’s time to add our “Nature-Centered Design” approach to our universal thinking methods.

The Power of Sharing

The uncertainty of the global economy, the fact that habitable areas become uninhabitable and the traffic problem that stole from our lives make us forget what we share! This will lead you to share more for the world. Sharing also includes sharing our business as well as the necessary things for a more sustainable world. Now there is not much area in the business world that we call professional secrets. Everyone will share their business manner, equipment, and office. We will be sharing our experiences more.

Contact with the Senses

Recognition and sticking in people’s minds was always the purpose of brands or products. The brands have so far been trying to reach their goals with the most known method, by showing them. Note that for a long time, we’ve heard the sound signatures at the end of the commercials (BMW, Renault, Coca Cola). But now brands need to focus more on our senses. Because, users can shut down their senses or ignore many things. For example, the fragrance your customers smell when they come to your store, the ambient temperature that they feel during their journey, and their feeling when they touch your products will make your brand unforgettable. Therefore, we must be ready for the experiences where all our senses are targeted.

The Importance of Remembering the Past

In the world of design where we always talk about the future, it may be useful to take a pause and remember the past. At least, knowing the past resources of the concepts that are presented to us as a trend at the moment and understanding them, will support us to build our future on stronger foundations.

Power of Gaps

I think the weight and exhausting effect of the cognitive burden in the minds of people will help us in understanding the value of gaps. Thus, it will begin to receive the required and rightful respect on the customer side.

design trends