Commencis CloudCamp’s 2020 graduates are ready for Cloud world!

Commencis CloudCamp’s 2020 graduates are ready for Cloud world!

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2020 marks the second annual Cloud Camp, organized by Commencis in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and held online due to the pandemic. Of the 1,000 applicants, only 22 students were chosen to participate in the 5-week training program, with 25 hours of lessons.

What is CloudCamp?

Cloud Camp brings university students interested in computing to a specialized cloud computing training program in which they learn about the future of cloud computing technologies. Commencis Cloud Camp helps participants both develop their underlying fundamental skills and knowledge in cloud computing and then builds from that base to understand what the next generation of technology poses. Teachers range from cloud computing professionals and solution architects who lead their students through first-hand experiences in the field.

Why does Commencis host CloudCamp?

Cloud technology and the AWS platform in particular is a rapidly evolving sphere of innovation, and is also increasingly critical to individuals, companies and governments across a variety of fields. Experts in cloud computing receive high-paying jobs because of the difficulty of following the latest developments in the field. Organizations and businesses are constantly on the lookout for experts to bring into the fold, and the Commencis Cloud Camp is focused specifically on training people to enter the world able to apply for and use the knowledge they glean from day one.

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How was this year’s camp?

This year’s sessions were held online due to the pandemic, lasting from November 4th to December 24th, 2020. Over 1,000 applicants applied, from which only 22 were chosen to participants. Participants who successfully completed the Commencis Cloud Camp Training Program were eligible to take the internationally-recognized AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam, proving that they’ve mastered the AWS product catalogue.

What are the skills taught at CloudCamp?

Graduates received extensive training building and developing the following skills:

1. Excellent Technical Skills

A full range of technical skills and ability is critical to understanding and applying cloud computing concepts. This means a comprehensive understanding of tools and languages, as well as up-to-date understanding of the latest technology and the way the internet is changing year on year.

2. Project Management Skills

Project management skills are critical for any expert in cloud computing, particularly those leading a team or establishing goals and timelines. Participants are taught how to set and work towards goals for IT projects, breaking them down into segments and working together as a team.

3. Programming Skills

Being familiar with Java and other standard cloud computing technology is a necessity for any cloud computing expert. These are the languages upon which services and applications are built, and more than a passing familiarity will set students up with the abilities to maximize their efficiency and boost their own employability at the same time.

4. Specific Skills in AWS

Learn about all the tools available on the AWS platform and master skills like AWS Cloud, IAM, Lambda, Redshift, EC2, S3, CloudTrail, Global Accelerator, FSx and more. Students who finish the course and become certified in AWS mark themselves as highly sought after experts with a range of knowledge.

Commencis uses its own expertise in the field of cloud computing to train the next generation of cloud computing professionals, with every year’s camp producing a future generation of experts entering the Cloud world. Stay tuned to learn more about Cloud Camp 2021 for what promises to be the most exciting gathering yet!

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