It’s official: Commencis Summer Campus is Back

Our redefining approach to remote work "Commencis Summer Campus" is kicking-off in Antalya, Tekirova in June.

It’s official: Commencis Summer Campus is Back

The new approach to remote work, 'Commencis Summer Campus' will take place in Antalya, Tekirova this year.

During the past two years, companies have drastically changed the way they work, but hybrid and remote work are not the end of the story. The new capabilities that organizations have for remote work have opened new possibilities, and Commencis Summer Campus is one of the very first examples.

Last year, we introduced a new way of working remotely within the Commencis Summer Campus program. The 4-month program provided our employees with the opportunity to work from Bodrum in a 5-star all-inclusive environment. At Commencis Summer Campus, Commencers can share and strengthen our company culture, which is built around our core values. Over 500 people attended the Commencis Summer Campus last year, including employees, interns, and family members.

commencis summer campus 2022 antalya nirvana dolcev vita

And now, Commencis Summer Campus is back! We are pleased to announce today that Commencis Summer Campus 2022 will take place in Antalya at Nirvana Dolce Vita Resort from June 18 to the end of September.

This year, as part of the Commencis Summer Campus, all Commencis employees are going to work remotely, in weekly rotations, from the local & healthy ultra-all-inclusive resort Nirvana Dolce Vita, located in one of the most beautiful bays of Antalya at Tekirova. Commencis interns and family members of Commencis employees will also benefit from the Commencis Summer Campus program. Additionally, the Commencis Summer Campus is open to employees of its sister companies, Dataroid and finbyte.

“Having Commencis Summer Campus last year enabled us to connect our colleagues and enrich our culture built around our values. The program proved to be a positive experience for our employees, resulting in us continuing the program this year as well. At the Campus, Commencers, can forge trusted relationships with their teammates, learn from one another, become inspired, grow in our careers and work remotely from a fun and relaxing environment. The Commencis Summer Campus is open to all newcomers and our summer interns. Additionally, employees of our sister companies, Dataroid and finbyte, are also invited. Learning, planning, and team building have always been important to us, and we are now accomplishing this in a whole new way—surrounded by nature and comfort—at Commencis Summer Campus.”

Fırat İşbecer - Commencis CEO Fırat İşbecer - Commencis CEO

All newcomers are welcome to attend the Commencis Summer Campus. We are hiring for multiple positions across engineering, design, product & operations. If you would like to be a part of the summer fun, come join our community. Apply now to be a Commencer!

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