Dogus Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Turkey, operates in 7 sectors with over 300 companies and more than 35,000 employees. The group touches its customer life with a wide diversity of well-known brands such as Nusret, Volkswagen, Gucci, Crate&Barrel, UnderArmour. Dogus group offers high-quality products and services to its customers in food&beverage, retail, home&decoration, gym, media&entertainment and automative industries to name a few. As it offers a wide diversity of brands, Dogus Group wanted to create a mobile-focused platform to enrich its customer lifestyle and experience with Dogus brands. To refine its value proposition and create a brand-new platform, Dogus Group partnered with Commencis.

700+ million $ revenue in the second year

2.5 millionmembers in 2 years

20+ million TL customer benefit in 2 years

Our Work






UX & UIDesign


User Research &Prototyping

Knowing that the audience has a wide range of needs and expectations from the program, we set out several design workshops to better understand the target audience. Throughout the discovery and design workshops organized with Zubizu (a Lifestyle Loyalty App offering services based on customer interests) team, we defined user personas to visualize their journeys and how they interact with Dogus brands. Based on the insight provided by the user research and workshops; we identified the key functionalities that needed to be provided through ZUBIZU platforms. Commencis design team created three product concepts with different focus areas and user experiences and conducted user research to craft the right product offering for target user needs and expectations.

Crafting ZUBİZU, a new lifestyle and loyalty program

Partnered with Dogus Group, we created a new concept providing personalized lifestyle contents, campaigns and event suggestions. The new platform aims to accompany its user’s lifestyle while rewarding them for being loyal by offering special discounts and points for each transaction in the program partner locations.

Personalized Experience

ZUBIZU aims to create a personalized experience for its users. Users are able to benefit from campaigns at merchant locations while enjoying the selected content and campaigns based on their previous interests and transactions.

Lifestyle companion

ZUBIZU helps its users to enjoy their lives with an enriched platform experience. With daily restaurant, event and travel suggestions, users never miss out on any experience! Users are also able to make their restaurant and hotel reservations and buy event tickets online while requesting concierge services if necessary.

Shopping + Online Catalog

Partnered with the top brands in Turkey, ZUBIZU offers exclusive campaigns and discounts for its users. As the offers change based on the user’s program status, users are able to benefit from higher discounts by using a ZUBIZU QR code for every transaction in partner locations. In return, they can also benefit from gifts listed in the online catalog.

Easy payment

In program design, we focused on payment, one of the major pain points in the shopping experience, to make it easier and simpler for ZUBIZU users. Users can pay online for their in-store purchases and restaurant spending. Another rewarding experience designed for program users is making gasoline payments online without stepping outside of their cars in gas stations.