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In a strategic partnership, Visa, a leader in global financial and payment services, has teamed up with Commencis, a digital transformation company, to enhance its brand presence with innovative digital solutions. Specifically tailored for the Poland market, “Visa Oferty” (Visa Offers) is a cutting-edge platform designed and powered by Commencis. It provides Visa cardholders with personalized promotional offers, aligning with their shopping habits and preferences, thus elevating their shopping experience.



The primary challenge was to streamline the shopping experience for Visa cardholders by eliminating the need for traditional promotional methods such as codes, coupons, and loyalty cards, which often complicate the transaction process. Another significant hurdle was to devise a system that could offer personalized promotions based on a user’s purchase history, thereby enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

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Key functionalities

Visa Oferty simplifies the shopping experience with a user-friendly interface. Users can view and access Visa offers either in map or list view while discovering what’s available nearby, removing the need for codes, coupons, and loyalty cards. Offers are provided based on a user’s purchase history and can be accessed online or offline.

To benefit from Visa offers, users simply activate the offers online with one click, and pay via Visa Card either online or offline. As soon as the payment is completed, they receive a partial refund directly into their accounts. They can track the history of redeemed offers that they benefited from as well as the ones they missed.

Key Results

Visa Oferty, through its innovative approach to simplifying and personalizing the shopping experience, sets a new standard for digital solutions in the financial and retail sectors. By addressing key consumer pain points with technology, Visa and Commencis have demonstrated the potential of strategic partnerships in driving digital transformation and enhancing customer satisfaction.