Visa, one of the biggest global players in financial and payment services, has partnered with Commencis to enrich its brand experience with different digital offerings. Designed and powered by Commencis for the Poland market, Visa Oferty (Visa Offers) allows Visa cardholders to access promotional offers tailored to their shopping habits and preferences.

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Visa Oferty simplifies the shopping experience with a user-friendly interface. Users can view and access Visa offers either in map or list view, while discovering what’s available nearby, removing the need for codes, coupons, and loyalty cards. Offers are provided based on a user’s purchase history and can be accessed online or offline.

In order to benefit from Visa offers, users simply activate the offers online with one click, and pay via Visa Card either online or offline. As soon as the payment is completed, they receive a partial refund directly into their accounts. They can track the history of redeemed offers that they benefited from as well as the ones they missed.