Being the 5th largest bottler in the Coca-Cola system in terms of sales volume, CCI (Coca Cola İçecek) partnered with Commencis to create a new digital customer platform focusing on traditional trade and aimed to increase customer engagement while making it easy to manage orders. The platform aims to increase customer loyalty and customer engagement while making it easy to create and manage orders.

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Order Management

The platform, CCI Next, enables CCI customers to create and manage orders in a simple and user-friendly way. Users are able to view all sub-brands and products under each brand with details including price scheme and discounts. Creating an order through CCI Next platform is very simple as well as tracking order status from creating order to completing the order.

Loyalty Program (Kırmızı Kumbara)

Commencis also designed and implemented a loyalty program called “Red Penny Bank (Kırmızı Kumbara)” for CCI Next users. Red Penny Bank enables platform users to collect points from their orders, complete trainings and many other predefined activities as well as campaigns- improving the user engagement.

Platform users can also use their points for gifts listed in the catalogue. And based on the overall points collected, they can track their overall rankings in the platform – there is no harm in firing up the competition a bit!

Online Training

CCI Next allows its users to reach the online trainings created and provided by Coca-Cola. As the users are able to view recent updates, they can also pause and resume selected trainings. From each training completed, the users are again rewarded by loyalty points.

While CCI Next provides a user-friendly platform, it also increases the B2B customer and employee interactions with a rewarding loyalty program.