eBay- needles to say one of the leading global e-commerce players-, has partnered with Commencis to build innovative products in order to drive its business growth. Commencis, eBay and its subsidiaries have mainly focused on designing and building innovative products that change consumer behavior and setting a new standard for the marketplace- and we all know this means setting the new global standards. Together with eBay product team, we have developed over 10 digital products across the globe.

eBay Now

e-Bay Now is the first same-day and scheduled delivery service in the United States, which launched in San Francisco and quickly expanded to New York, Chicago and other cities. The application enables users to search a product, add to cart, place an order and schedule delivery on the same day.


<Brands4friends, the leading private shopping portal in Germany, enriches the mobile shopping journey with a diverse product portfolio and a unified cart experience to increase conversion rate, feature campaign push messages and add calendar options.

Following its launch, the number of Android users increased 10 times within the first 6 months; and iPhone users increased 15 times within 8 months. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms, more than 30% of Brands4Friends’ traffic is mobile.

eBay Fashion

Designed and built for eBay fashion operations in Russia and Brazil, the platforms aim to leverage content to drive mobile online revenue.

New Retail Platform

The tablet solution is designed to allow sales associates to build in-depth databases on their individual consumers – from their purchase history to their contact information. The platform aims to significantly improve the omni channel experience and drive sales – both online and in-store.