Commencis 2018 | A year in review

Commencis 2018 | A year in review

And just like that, 2018 has passed in the blink of an eye.

At Commencis, we’ve had a big year of new challenges and opportunities, and our growth has continued to accelerate. This year, we have seen more brands are taking digital transformation seriously and along the way, we have launched new exciting projects and included more “Amazing Brands” to the Commencis family.

Here’s a look at some of our milestones of 2018, as well as a sneak peek of our future projects.

We helped leading brands to grow and scale in digital.

1. Mobile app digital product

Commencis Studio strategizes, designs and delivers digital products and services -web that transform businesses that also build meaningful relationships with their users. This provides clients with the foresight and strategy to stay relevant and continue to grow their business in the digital-first future.

Websites, apps, interfaces, AI, and more

This year, we launched new products for our clients including MAPFREGO, Pegasus Airlines, İşcep, Parmenion, Fortepay, and Aegon.

2. Commencis Connect

Powered by Big Data and AI, Commencis Connect integrates customer and product data into one single, centralized platform to drive impactful insights and predictions. Connect allows for personalized user communication in real-time through its in-app messaging and push notifications, which then provides businesses with comprehensive data and insights on their customer base.

This year, some of the biggest companies in Turkey took the advantages of Commencis Connect. By empowering their marketing and product teams with a simplified platform, we continue to accelerate their digital transformation and growth.

commencis connect

3. Commencis Cloud

Commencis Cloud accelerates the cloud transformation of businesses, providing them with a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services.

In 2018, we were the first partner included in the Amazon Web Services Solution Provider program in Turkey. In addition, we signed on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to our client roster, in addition to our existing clients Akinon and

We’ve been very proud of our team’s achievements this year, which have been a testament to their 15 years of experience in cloud-based technology.

We participated in industry events around the world

We make it a priority at Commencis to find out a new point of view, to improve our learning and relearning skills for our knowledge and passion. This year was packed with fantastic events, including 28 conferences and 8 in-house training sessions. All in all, these events made their way across 10 countries (we ran the world over 50,000 flight miles!).

We sponsored 11 events

Technroll Hackathon | Commencis Hack ‘n’ Roll | Fintech | Hack’n Break | DigitalTalks | BigBang Startup Challenge | StartupGrind | İSBAK Software Marathon 2018 | Galatasaray Entrepreneurship Club, New Startup Competition | GDG DevFest | CS Fair

We attended 36 events

KotlinConf Amsterdam | Try! Swift NYC, 2018 New York | GoTo Conference Amsterdam | Nordic Testing Days Tallinn | APP Design & Development Conference Barcelona | GDG İzmir Microservices with Docker Swarm | İYTE Innovation Community Createch | BeeTech 2018 Commencis Farm | GDG DevFest Conquering Tensorflow with Dataset API | DigitalTalks Sonbahar 2018 – Zor Zamanlarda İşi Yönetmek | DigitalTalks Sonbahar 2018 – Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Business & Society | IASTEM International Conference | NSİstanbul Swifty Performance | Yeditepe University – BILMOK | GDG DevFest Programming Languages & Performance | Mobile Days How Fast Is Your Polymorphism | WTM İstanbul Swifty Performance | Celal Bayar Üniversitesi – Web Technologies and Introduction to React | Celal Bayar Üniversitesi – Web Security | GDG İzmir AR & VR Real World Application | INFINTEC Conference | Insure & Innovate Summit | Microsoft Data & AI Bootcamp | GDG İstanbul Handsome Codes with Cotlin | GDG İzmir Redesigning RDBMS Data Structure for NoSQL | Webrazzi Summit 2018  | Webrazzi Summit 2018 | Webrazzi Developer Summit 2018 | AWS / Big Data Lake Lab | Developing and Transforming Talent & Culture in Startups, Endeavor Turkey | International Expansion Panel, Endeavor Turkey | Droidcon Boston | The Web Conference Lyon | UIKonf Berlin | Google I/O Mountain View | WeAreDevelopers Vienna | Frontend United Utrecht | Droidcon Berlin | AngularCamp 2018 |  dotCSS & dotJS Paris | Artificial Intelligence Summit Istanbul

We hosted 7 in-house talks

Burak Doğansoysal: A Story of Wildlife, Adventure, Travel and Photography | Özgür Mumcu: What about the new world order? | Emin Mete Erdoğan: The Flood, Follow The Water IV | Steven Romero Feature of Technology | Storytelling: Berkin Gürakan | SEO & Mobilet SEO Enhancements: Cemre Yalvaç | From Pozitron to Commencis: Fatih İşbecer

We assisted our staff in 7 workshops

User Experience Fundamentals Training |  Typography Workshop | UX Design Training for Tech’n Roll Hack’n Roll Winners | Engineering Session | WWDC 2018 | Client Delivery: Conflict Management and Principal Negotiation Skills Training | Business Analysis: Creating Team Synergy and Relation Management | Soho House Engineering Session

And we had fun too!

Introduction to Contemporary Art Exhibit | Contemporary İstanbul | Erikli Tableland Tour

We earned industry-wide recognition for our work

At Commencis, our success has been a direct result of our strong partnership with clients and our talented team of colleagues. By working together to help our clients and partners succeed, we’ve been fortunate enough to earn the following awards for our projects and team culture.

  • Fintech Forum 2018
  • The Largest Fintech Company by Employee
  • The 10th Largest Company by Transactional Volume in Turkey
  • Endeavor Turkey 2018
  • One of the Top 10 Startup-Friendly Companies
  • Altın Örümcek – Pegasus
  • Best Website of The Year
  • Best Website in The Service Category
commencis 2018

We grew our team of employees

Our team – over 200 people – who dedicated to technology and design help amazing brands to grow business with our digital products and services. Commencis has undergone enormous growth over the years and we’re excited to continue achieving even more goals together as a team.

Thank you to our clients, partners and colleagues for helping make 2018 a huge success. In 2019, we look forward to continuing our company mission of helping brands to grow and scale in digital through big data, analytics, and cloud products, and fulfill our long-term vision of paving the way for a thriving digital society.

Bring on the New Year!

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