Emirates NBD is the leading banking group in the UAE, founded in 2007, a merger between Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD)- the second and fourth largest banks in the region. With being in the region where customers expectations are quite high; Emirates NBD was aiming to offer an innovative product to its customers with an engaging user experience, therefore the bank partnered with Commencis.

Promoting the mantra ‘health is wealth; the app provides Emirates NBD Fitness account customers with higher interest rates based on their physical activities. And these activities are being tracked through either Apple Watches or other Apple Health fitness tracker apps.

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Users of the Emirates NBD Fitness Application can set themselves daily target steps and earn interests up to 2% based on the number of steps they take.. In addition to simultaneously tracking their progress through their Apple Watches and iPhone applications; users can also get free insurance covers and enjoy ‘money off’ vouchers provided by Emirates NBD partner networks, and enter prize draws. Well, if losing weight while earning money isn’t one of the best user experiences, then what is!