Mobilet is a new generation event discovery and ticketing platform. Founded by Pozitif, the leading music and event organization company in Turkey, Mobilet aims to become an event and entertainment companion for its users to help them discover new events matched with their preferences. Mobilet initially partnered with Commencis to build its digital platforms from the ground up. Once the platform went live, the partnership has extended  to continuously improve the user experience for Mobilet.

Our Work







We believe that user experience design is a continuous process. User research and data analysis provide in-depth insight on user experience and show new ways to improve the experience as well as product and business performance. Therefore, we initiated a 3-step study to better understand existing user experience:

  1. Focus Group: in-depth user feedbacks gathered from targeted user groups
  2. Product Analysis: detailed analysis of information architecture and application flows on all platforms to reveal technical constraints and interaction issues
  3. Heuristic Evaluation: usability review based on predefined user experience design standards.

Based on our findings, we proposed a roadmap to fix the existing problems and further improve the user experience.

Redesigning the menu bar

Based on our analysis, we have determined that the menu bar had usability problems in the existing platform, therefore we have proposed to redesign it.. We designed wireframes and conducted guerrilla tests to validate new designs and receive immediate user feedbacks. As a result of an iterative and human-centred design process, the new menu bar has improved the retention rates approximately by 10% compared to previous months.

payment process system payment

Simplifying payment process

During our analysis, we have identified that the payment process is a pain in the ticket purchasing journey. Therefore, we integrated Masterpass, a payment system, into Mobilet to simplify the payment steps. Short after the integration, we have identified that 50% of overall transactions have been processed through Masterpass.

Brand-new experience for festivals

A new search experience has been designed for faster-customized results along with the festival page redesign. As a consequence, users are now able to filter results and browse events by date. Nothing prevents them from having fun anymore!