Digital Insurance Redefined

Commencis partnered with Mapfre, one of the leading insurance providers in the world, to create a new virtual office offering the unique digital experience its customers and anyone looking to get more information about Mapfre products.

As the competition in insurance industry rises, customers value increasingly more for the quality and easiness of the service experience. Insurance customers also prefer to interact with their providers through digital channels as they are looking consistent experience and information across touchpoints. By integrating new technologies into their digital platforms, insurance companies are searching for new ways to create unique and seamless experiences. As the industry transformed, Mapfre and Commencis worked together to move their traditional services to digital channels – and created Mapfre Go.

MAPFRE GO offers services to its insured clients and non clients, providing information about the company, its insurance products and solutions and about the network of distributors and professionals. Using Facebook login, the platform provides easy access to its users, enabling snapshot view to their account information as well as customized offers.

Commencis worked with Mapfre providing various services ranging from concept and logo design to product development. With an aim to create a dynamic and innovative positioning for the new platform, Commencis designed Mapfre GO. Bringing together our designers, business analysts and developers, we continue to design and deliver a competitive user experience in line with the requirements of the newest web technologies.