PioneeringDigital Banking



İşbank, the largest private bank in Turkey serves more than 15 million customers. Handling 100 million transactions daily and leading the digital banking is the real challenge. As a pioneer in digital banking, İşbank launched the first mobile banking platform in the market in 2007. Since then, it leads the innovation in digital banking and Commencis is İşbank’s strategic digital transformation partner designing and developing its digital platforms.


Million active users




of overall İşbank's transactions


Our Work

Commencis has established dedicated teams fully supporting İşBank’s business; always achieving existing growth goals. Since leading the digital banking is the real challenge for İşbank; through our design, development and quality assurance efforts, we are continually developing and improving its platforms. Our teams are working on mobile applications as well as supporting the back-end platform while our dedicated innovation team continues to find new ways of transforming digital banking for İşBank users working directly with its Digital Banking and business units. Our teams consist of team leads, UX& UI designers, technologists, developers, as well as QA engineers. Commencis is fully integrated with the design and development process with our digital experts innovating for İşbank platforms.

Leading innovation. Simplifying banking.

With more than 250 functionalities, İşCep simplifies banking and allows İşBank customers to reach their bank anywhere and anytime. İşCep is always first in the market to apply the latest technologies such as money transfer via iMessage and Siri, log in with Touch ID and QR code based withdrawals.


Effortlessly manage your finances in one place

İşCep simplifies money management for its users by allowing them to track their assets and liabilities in one place. With its personal finance management features, users are able to observe their deposits and credit card liabilities, but also add their investment accounts in İş Yatırım (IS Investment) and retirement funds in Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik Private Pensions & Life Insurances.

Mobile Stock Trading

İşBank customers also can manage their stock trading and other investments through İşCep Mobile Stock Trading platform. The İşCep platform provides detailed market and stock analysis for investors. Users can reach real-time financial information, news and stock prices. By setting notifications, the platform informs İşBank customers to manage their investment more efficiently.