Program Content

Week 1

Learn how it’s like to be a Commencer! Onboard our cloud team, get to know our processes and tools better. Meet your mentors, and start your research.

Week 2-3

Learn more about essential technical skills and abilities required for Cloud computing applications. Keep in touch with your mentors and the team. We may ask you to work on customer projects or develop solutions as part of the internship program.

Week 4-5-6

Deep dive into your project. Present your train of thoughts, journey, and final product to the team. As a result, you can entirely automate the development and testing of released software products.


  • 3rd year and 4th year students majoring in Computer Science/Computer Engineering (or related area)
  • Passionate about Scrum/Kanban Methodologies
  • Interested in gain a high-level understanding of cloud technologies
  • Dreaming about being part of passionate instructors and a heartful community of peers.
  • Have teamwork, leadership skills and creativity
  • Familiar with Containerization, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code

Important Dates


March 24, 2023


July 24 - September 1, 2023


6 weeks


The 6-week Future Commencer Summer Internship program will start on July 24 and will last until September 1, 2023.
As Commencis Cloud Department, we give professional consultancy services on cloud environments of our local and international customer. During the internship program, you may take responsibilities in these customer projects or in the development of solutions that we work on.
Cloud computing that we are focused on as Commencis Cloud Department, is one of the fast growing IT area globally. Hence, it is an attractive choice for career development. The project in cloud that you will work during your internship, can be a good initial step to experience a professional career on cloud.
Engineers in Commencis Cloud Department, use various open source and commercial applications & tools for developing CI/CD pipelines, software applications, managing and monitoring cloud environments, provisioning new cloud services, migrating from on-premises environment to cloud, optimizing costs, testing and measuring application performance, enhancing security, etc. Our senior staff guide interns to choose and use the most appropriate toolset for assignments.
All our interns can benefit from the Summer Campus.
We’ll have a hybrid program. You can work remotely, but those who wish can also work from the office (some participants from the previous year worked from the office.)
We expect the university to cover the students’ insurance during their internship period. We pay a salary, provide Sodexo meal card and pay commute expenses during the intern period.
We will get the applications via LinkedIn and our web site. The resumes and portfolios of the applicants will be evaluated. Our goal is to hire motivated, enthusiastic, and interested 3rd and 4th year design students.
It is very critical to be a good team player, be open to developing new skills, and not hesitate to ask questions and listen to feedback. Good communication and collaboration skills are essential.
There can be part-time or full-time job opportunities for our interns after the internship period. Interns may be suitable candidates for permanent roles depending on the job requirements and the needs. Those who are interested in applying are evaluated according to their performance.

Stay tuned for Commencis insights & reports

    Stay tuned for Commencis insights & reports