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Create next-gen, end-to-end banking experiences that customers love.

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Deliver a flawless experience.

Build seamless user experiences with digital-first approach

commencis cloud

Scale with robust infrastructure.

Leverage modern technology and architecture for scalability

commencis cloud

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Deliver engaging customer experiences with data-driven approach

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commencis digital banking

Features that users love

Commencis Digital Banking enables banks to deliver features that enable customers perform their banking in a simple, fast and seamless way.

Products & Transactions

  • View checking and saving account balance and transactions
  • View debit and credit card details and transaction
  • Manage applications: apply for a credit card, request limit increase, get a quote for loan and apply
  • Order and deposit checks

Transfers & Payments

  • Transfer money using Account-to-Account, Peer-to-Peer transactions
  • Make your payments: pay bills, taxes and fees
  • Manage scheduled or recurring payments
  • Wallet Integration(e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay)


  • Provide easy access from pre login screens
  • View tutorial for first-time users and new feature introduction
  • Secure login with multi-factor authentication and biometrics
  • Personalize experience-basedonboarding questionnaire

Messaging & Notifications

  • Send push and in-app notifications web and mobile with enriched media
  • Trigger personalized messages based user’s behavior
  • Alerts for unusual spending, low balance, completed transactions or incoming / outgoing money transfers
  • Reminders for bill or credit card payments
  • Send location-based and targeted notification for merchant offers

Support & Assistance

  • Set personal communication preferences
  • Manage security and update password
  • Card controls: lock / unlock a card temporarily, open/close for internet transactions, report a lost or damaged card
  • Update personal information

Money Management Dashboard

  • Gain a holistic view on financials through a single dashboard
  • Customizable categorization of regular bills and analyze past spending and view against budget
  • Set a savings goal for specific event or purchasing
  • Personalized goal setting & tracking
  • Smart recommendations on financial habits

Investment & Trading

  • Buy and sell foreign exchange
  • Open an investment account
  • Buy and sell bonds, stocks and other instruments
  • View investment portfolio

commencis digital banking

Deliver innovation with speed

We help banks to deliver innovative features continously with speed.

digtal banking

Login with biometrics (gesture, face recognition or Touch ID)

digital banking

Personalizationthrough onboarding

digital banking

P2P Money Transfer via Phone #, Location, iMessage or Bump

digital banking

AI-powered personal assistant and chatbot

digital banking

Interactive dashboard for personal finance management and spending insight

digital banking

QR-code based cash withdrawal and payments

digital banking

Personalized recommendations, alerts and notifications

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We help banks and payment providers transform their experiences through technology.

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