Commencis Cloud Camp March 6 - May 29, 2019

Cloud Camp was successfully conducted over the course of 12 weeks, bringing together young, bright individuals interested in the field of Cloud.

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Cloud computing has changed almost every business and industry in recent times. With years of experience and exceptional work under our belt, we have become aware of the lack of qualified individuals in this field. We aimed to organize a training program called Cloud Camp to bring together our expert instructors and AWS team professionals with young, bright individuals, who are in the beginning of their careers, to create an atmosphere where they can learn, work together, and become future Cloud experts. And the program generated a great interest with more than 1000 applications.

35 students who were eligible to participate in the camp were all curious and had interest in the Cloud world. They were trained by valuable instructors from Commencis team who have worked in this area for years, as well as the leader in this field, AWS Turkey’s Solutions Architect team. This was an important opportunity for the students. After this training, in cooperation with Commencis and AWS Turkey, the students were qualified to take the Solutions Architect Associate certification exam. If they pass the exam, they will be certified globally, giving them a useful advantage in their career path.

It was an efficient camp for all parties. AWS Solutions Architect Team were very pleased with how well the camp was organized, to give for our young friends the best opportunity to prepare for the cloud sector. The participants also gave positive feedback on this 12-week/24-hour training program. They were pleased by the information, hands-on work, weekly tests given by leading instructors in the sector on the Cloud subject. All students attended to the camp received their participation certificates at the end of the camp.

Cloud Camp, a first for Commencis, can be called a success based on the positive feedbacks received. Commencis team is beyond happy at how smooth this 12-week program has been. Besides, pleased to have new Commencers in the team from this productive camp! Thanks to all team members who worked to make this 3-month camp a successful event with fruitful results.