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December, 2021

Wealth Tech Trends of The Year Report

The rapid and unexpected transformation in the adoption of digital technologies along with the pandemic is reshaping the economic structure in every field. Many users and companies continue to recognize and integrate digital solutions into their lives that can help manage their personal and corporate finances.

The pandemic had a significant impact on the development and growth of asset technology, and wealth tech has become one of the main financial industries, revolutionizing the way users interact with financial institutions. In this period, users who have acquired new savings and investment habits by reviewing their financial situations turned to digital tools more in order to make these habits long-lasting and to dominate this area.

In Wealth Tech Trends of the Year report, we examined 2021 investment trends, technologies, and applications. Highlights of the report:
  • Introduction
  • Global Wealth Tech Ecosystem
  • Wealth Tech Finance and Roles of Advisors
  • Wealth Management of Generations through Social Media
  • The Key Trends of the Year
  • Conclusion

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