Redefining Payment Systems in the Digital Age
August, 2022

Redefining Payment Systemsin the Digital Age

“Payment modernization” has become a widely used term, and its search rate has doubled over the past decade. The growing interest in payment modernization has evolved with the acceleration of digitalization. Gen Z and Gen Y generations on purchasing mostly shapes trends in the payment world. For this reason, it is crucial to analyze their payment habits and their effects on the payment world to develop solutions that will gain their loyalty. Considering the transformation of the payment systems, this report examines the global digital payment trends for 2022. In the Redefining Payment Systems in the Digital Age - 2022 Top Payment Trends Report, we covered the following topics: 
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Payments Transformation and Today’s Digital Users
  • How Will Payments Evolve in the Future?
  • 2022 Digital Payment Trends
    1. Digital Solutions for Increasing Customer Expectations
    2. Expansion of Digital Payment Methods
    3. Peer to Peer Payments Continues to Grow
    4. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Still on the Rise
    5. Payment Methods Become Super Apps
    6. Digitization of Business-to-Business (B2B) Payments
    7. Increasing Importance of Data Privacy
  • Conclusion

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