Connecting Digital Marketing, Engagement and Analytics in a single product

AppConnect is a Digital Analytics & Engagement product helping you streamline your business through real-time digital interactions with measurable outcomes. Empowering business users with its three building blocks: Engagement, Analytics and Content Management.

AppConnect builds a solid foundation for intelligent communication with users through in-app messaging and push notifications, magnifying engagement potential through user segmentation to create customized campaigns and personalized messages. Through its analytics platform, it enables business users to measure critical user interactions, detailed insights on notification, demographics and event based metrics over a time series.


Enabling simple, secure and strong authentication while eliminating security concerns and fraud risks

Softkey is a comprehensive device-as-a-token product, providing secure access through multi-factor authentication. Through Softkey, we provide seamless integration direct into digital products, establishing Touch ID, layered authentication security and biometric technology. Currently providing authentication solution for the leading financial institutions, Softkey enables simple and secure digital experience for its clients.

Device Farm & Automation

Continous automation and testing on digital grounds

Device Farm & Automation is our application test solution for testing and monitoring Android and Web applications in real time. With remote access and automated testing foundations, Device Farm & Automation allows for seamless test automation ensuring that established systems continue to work despite any changes. With its remote access feature, users are able to load, run, gesture, swipe and interact with Android devices in real time directly from web browser. Automated testing of applications are also enabled for Device Farm & Automation users using a variety of available testing frameworks.

Commencis Digital Banking

Digitizing conventional banking and financial services to keep you moving

Commencis Digital Banking is an omnichannel product enabling banks to offer seamless digital banking experience on-the-go, replacing footprints at the branch with digital touchpoints to streamline financial transactions.

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