Turkish Airlines (THY), voted as “Europe’s Best Airline” for 5 years, is the largest carrier in the world by number of destinations. Currently offering a wide range of flights to over 302 destinations in 120 countries, Turkish Airlines serves more than 68 million passengers a year with a significant growth.

Turkish Airlines was in need of redesigning its mobile platforms in accordance to its service quality, therefore THY partnered with Commencis. Commencis and Turkish Airlines redesigned and built “Fly Turkish” and created a differentiated user experience.

In the First 6 Months

+ 200.000Tickets Sold

6 MillionFlight Queries

1 MillionDownloads

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Fly Turkish is designed to provide a better flight experience for Turkish Airlines customers by simplifying their flight journeys and make it hassle-free. With this aim, Fly Turkish offers a wide range of functionalities with customer-centered design including ticketing which has been cited as “speed booking” by passengers and media.

As a part of simple and smooth pre-flight experience, the platform helps users to check their flight status and reservations online, complete their check-in with a simple click and review the timetables. The passengers can access their boarding passes within the application, through passbook or by sending it as a barcode via email or SMS. As a pioneer in digital transformation, Turkish Airlines became one of the first airlines in the world to integrate its mobile app with Apple Passbook to help its users to easily reach their boarding passes before their flights.

In addition to ‘flight prioritized’ essential services, Fly Turkish also offers other cool features. With the use of dynamic banners, integration with social media and multi-language support, the platform offers a personalized communication. Users can reach the platform through a wide range of mobile channels including front-end native applications (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone), mobile browser site as well as wearable technologies.