Pioneering digital banking

Since 2007, we have been a long-standing delivery partner for Isbank, the largest private bank in Turkey, as we continue to build the path to digital transformation for Isbank’s 5 million customers (and counting). Our collaboration spread overseas with the new digital platforms we have designed and developed for Isbank’s Russian brand, CJCS Isbank.

As traditional banking is disrupted by digital, customers seek more convenient and faster ways to access to managing their financials. We know what customers want and choose the most suitable technology to design and deliver Isbank’s digital journey and product, IsCep. Isbank is distinguished as a pioneer of digital banking with IsCep, offering the most comprehensive digital solution with more than 200 transaction types available on 8 plaftorms and numerous innovative features and firsts in the market.

With its exceptional accessible IsCep functions, Isbank customers reach their bank anywhere and anytime. IsCep is always cutting the edge with latest technology and firsts in the market, such as money transfer via iMessage and Siri, login with Touch ID and QR code case withdrawals.

We eagerly pursue Isbank’s digital transformation journey and continue to build a digital ecosystem centered around the digital banking platform IsCep, making it more connected every day while meeting everyday banking needs. As much as we love to get innovative, we keep it simplified for users to access relevant financials on-the-go.