Crafting unique experiences through digitalization to stay competitive

With rising competition and operational costs, airline and other companies experience difficulty to differentiate themselves and increase customer loyalty. The companies, that have been continued their core operations in a traditional way, now face the challenge to stay relevant and personal to their customers. As today’s customers search for more convenience, personalization and intuitive services, airline and other hospitality companies use digital technologies to create seamless, simple and personal experiences. Using the vast of data collected across touchpoints and external resources, leading companies have already offering unique experiences by personalizing interfaces, auto-checking based on personal preferences or empowering their employees with personal information about every guest.

As Commencis, we’ve partnered with leading airline companies to craft frictionless and intuitive journeys for today’s demanding customers. We believe that the experience is not limited with digital platforms, hence digital platforms are the enablers of a distinctive customer experience.


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