Changing the relationship among consumers, physicians and industry players

While some industries such as banking and telco are increasing their pace in digital transformation, pharma and healthcare lag behind the early adopters. Today, technology changes the relationship among patients, physicians, caretakers and pharma companies. Patients that are used to visiting their physicians, are now enabled by new products and services to take care themselves or communicate with their physicians. Using technologies like m2m, patients are able to measure and monitor their health conditions through mobile applications, health and fitness devices. They can share the information with their physicians in real time and facilitate seamless communication through different platforms. Technology not only changes the relationship between patient and physician, but also impacting other players such as pharma companies. Leveraging the vast amount of data and variety of incoming solutions, pharma companies are searching ways to position themselves in this new platform. Digital solutions enable pharmas to transform their operations and how they manage their salesforce.


Digital solutions and developments in technology have opened up tremendous opportunities for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Commencis is ready to help these companies to exploit new opportunities by providing value-added services. We’ve partnered with leading pharma companies in their journeys through providing cutting-edge solutions that have changed how they communicate and manage their customers. As Commencis, we believe the future belongs the early adopters of innovation.


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