Digital and physical are converging, and new technologies are paving the way

A significant amount of consumer transactions are taking place online in an accelerated pace. More and more consumers prefer to place an online order for a shoe or a furniture, even for groceries, and it is not a surprise. As consumers continue to search for convenience, businesses continue to offer new services and solutions. Leading players in commerce are now changing the rules of the game. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba, known for their online presence, are now searching new ways to expand their business and reach out to the services. Today, they give an early signal that a new retail model is emerging. Different models converging offline and online are being tested. The scenarios include new stores without cashiers using applications for payment, pop-up stores that are converted into hubs that recommend products along with virtual fitting rooms and directing consumers to online store through image recognition.


At Commencis, we’ve witnessed the change in retail and e-commerce through our partnerships. Over the last 15 years, Commencis co-created innovative digital products to accelerate retailers online transformation. Our solutions aimed to create a unique experience for consumers using location-based offerings, loyalty programs and personalized recommendations. As consumers continue to demand, we aim to co-create and deliver.


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