Create unique, simple and intuitive experiences

Artificial intelligence has been making its way into business incorporating machine and deep learning algorithms into everyday functionalities. AI-driven solutions enable your customers to solve their request with a simple act or conversation instead of navigating through different pages and taking various actions. These solutions increase accessibility by providing service 24/7 as well as creating unique experiences by anticipating their needs and providing smart recommendations. Not only it impacts the customer experience, but also AI solutions save time and energy of your employees through automation and allow you to focus on value-added processes.

As Commencis, we explore new ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into our experience design by leveraging AI platforms, machine learning algorithm and deep learning libraries and frameworks to create new functionalities for our customers. We partner with a wide range of solution providers and deliver the right ones empowering your products and services.

Cloud Transformation

Leveraging our cloud provider ecosystem, we help you to deploy new digital products on leading cloud solutions. We migrate on-premise applications to cloud or provide cloud-to-cloud migration.

Service Automation and DevOps

We automate your test and production environments on cloud to prevent risks of failure for DevOps.

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