Distinctly better digital experiences changing expectation for the industry

As Commencis, we’re relentless in our pursuit of distinctly better digital experiences with an eye toward what is possible and impactful for your business and customers. We believe a distinctly better experience shift the behavior of customers and set a new expectation for your industry. Our team constantly work towards better experiences to undermine the common. Evolving our design approach and research methodologies, we aim to reach a true insight of your business and customers. We co-create new experiences, experiment and iterate as we build new products. At the end, we seek for creating value for your customers, and hence for your business.

Digital Audit and Discovery

For us, a competitive experience starts with a true understanding of your business, customers and digital capabilities. We truly interrogate your business challenge, explore your customer’s needs and pains. Using Commencis Digital Audit methodology, we assess your digital transformation readiness.

Vision and Concept Development

Vision needs to be defined for digital journeys to succeed. We articulate the vision by defining the concept through idea generation, co-creation, sketching. We brainstorm, use storyboards, mood boards and prototypes to craft one shared vision for your product and service.

UX Strategy and Design

When it comes to turn your vision to real-life solutions, we start with UX strategy defining the challenges that we want to resolve and the experience that we want to deliver. We create information architecture, interaction maps, wireframes and prototypes to visualize, test and perfect the experience.

Customer Experience Design

We believe that user experience designed for a product or service is part of a holistic customer experience. Embracing a holistic approach to customer experience, we design products and services positioned as a part of one customer journey across multiple channels and touchpoints.

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