, operating as the first and leading online gaming platform in Turkey founded in 2004, manages millions of transactions daily (actually, usually in seconds). and Commencis have 10+ years of partnership on building and improving’s digital transformation, with Commencis managing the design and development of’s digital platforms as well as its cloud transformation.

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Everything Related to Sports, in one Platform

Bilyoner’s online sports betting platform is designed for bringing all types of sports and betting enthusiasts together in order users to enjoy the game experience while collecting their earnings. With its user-friendly design and high-performance system, allows thousands of users to transfer their money, create their bets online and track game statuses real-time. The platform not only allows its users to bet but also offers an end-to-end sports experience. Users are able to gather all information such as tips, recommendations and detailed analysis and statistics supporting their decision-making before they complete their bets. Users can also watch the games online or follow their status by setting notifications on live scores, player changes, or other important information. After a game, users can easily access the statistics and transfer their money with one click – if they win, of course.

Bilyoner also offers a social online betting platform, Tribune, allowing its users to follow other users- especially premium users- and their coupons, increasing their chances more to win. It also shares the statistics regarding followed premium users, showing their betting performances. This way even the users who aren’t good at winning bets or make accurate coupons, can interact with other successful users and bet exactly the same as them with one click.

For the users that are not interested in sports betting, Bilyoner still offers gaming experience and thrill. Users are able to purchase online national lottery tickets by just shaking their phones and see if they are lucky at the end of the day.