Commencis joined Pangea community as a verified member

We are excited to announce that Commencis becomes a verified member of Pangea community and listed among the top 7% of global software engineering companies.

We believe that having a right team, right capabilities and a robust software development process in place is crucial for developing successful digital products. We see that many companies that have been trying to transform their business digitally fail to meet with their goals and lag behind the competition since they don’t have a right partner.

By having a comprehensive verification process, Pangea provides a platform for top software development companies and digital-focused companies to come together and meet on a common ground. For the companies that are looking for a solution provider who have the right skills and capabilities to work together as a partner, Pangea enables them to meet with right partners that have been verified through a transparent and in-depth evaluation.

Throughout the verification process, we have worked very closely with Pangea team to provide in-depth insight on how we work with our clients to build digital solutions that transform their business and enhance their customer experience.

During 4-week process, we went through the details of our organization, client journey and software development processes including project metrics, technology and tools that we have expertise and use in our software development life cycle, our team structure, capabilities and maturity as well as client journey.

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As a company that is eager to start our clients’ next digital evolution, we are happy to see that our clients are satisfied with our services based on the insights gathered by Pangea platform on our customer journey, project management, technical expertise and many other criteria, and considered Commencis not just as a solution provider, but a strategic partner in their digital transformation journey.

Commencis is an ideal partner to work with, particularly for longer-term strategic partnerships.Product Owner, A boutique management consultancy in the U.S.

From the client insights derived by Pangea, our client score is 8.6/10 which represents the dedication and hard work we show our clients.

We’ve been working with Commencis for many years and they are now a partner for us, no longer just a vendor. They have a great team, great transparency and communication skills. Project management and scalability are also their strong points.”Head of Software, Pegasus Airlines

What we found the most exciting was that our UX/UI score is 9.3 / 10.0 showing that we have successfully bring design and technology expertise together to create digital experiences and products that customers love. For us, creating multi-disciplinary teams is at the core of designing seamless and engaging experiences that can be implemented effectively. Our UX/UI expertise has also been reflected into our client’s testimonials.

Commencis developed a mobile app for our company. The team rebuilt and redesigned our app, creating wireframes and providing UI/UX designs. I was impressed by the proficiency that Commencis had about user experience and interface design.”Product Manager, A leading global beauty brand

For more than 15 years, we have focused on building a unique company culture that nurtures personal growth and it is a joy to see that this is one area that our team has shared positive insight and has 8.6/10.0 score.

Team members across different teams having different levels of responsibilities have shared great insight on what Commencis provides. As we always focus on improving our company culture, these insights have given great motivation for us to continue bringing different initiatives into life.

Commencis is very unique from its highly talented resource pool and its strong strategy execution perspectives.”Commencis Management Team Member

Working for Commencis is an outstanding experience. I can’t believe how far I have come in the last 9 years. I am just where I dreamed of being and so thankful for the ways Commencis supported me.”Technical Team Leader

Although it has been only three months, I’m already proud of being a part of Commencis. Doing internship here was great, working here is even better. I like the ‘lifelong learning’ mindset adopted by the company and also my coworkers. It feels like I’m improving myself day by day here.” – Frontend Developer

At Commencis, we are passionate to build the future with our clients and bring new digital solutions into life. Being part of the top 7% of vendors and Pangea community will help us meet with companies with a growth mindset and ready to begin their next digital journey.

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