Design and technology are reshaping the world and accelerating evolution in banking, payment and shopping. We play a key role for building digital transformation journeys for amazing brands globally. With our intensive expertise in various domains, we brought purposeful digital journeys to life for
millions of users over the years.

The Challenge

This time we invited young entrepreneurs and bright minds to reimagine the future of banking, payment, and shopping, and bring creative ideas
together with superb design and programming skills.

The Process

With over 40 applicants, we spotted some very bright, enthusiastic and passionate developers who came to conquer the stage. 10 teams worked restlessly over 36 hours to prove their best.

The hackathon was kicked off with an introduction meeting where we shared the challenge and evaluation criteria during the pitches. Right after the introduction, the participants formed their teams and started their projects.

Our senior developers and the members from engineering team acted as a mentor during the weekend supporting the participants to shape their ideas and bring them to the life. We opened up our office for the night providing food and drinks as most of the teams chose to stay and continue their work over the night.

After two intense days, the projects were done.

The Mentors

Our mentors from engineering team has accompanied participants throughout their journey supporting their projects when they needed.

The Pitch

Each team delivered a great diversity of products bringing creative ideas into life. They had 5 minutes for the pitches including 2 minutes of Q&A session.

Our jury has evaluated the projects based on 5 criteria:

  • Innovation and originality
  • Technical Difficulty and Strength of the Solution
  • Execution and Functionality
  • Customer Experience
  • Pitch

Judging the competition was our chairman, Fatih İşbecer, our VP of Finance, Yasemin Gönül, our Vp of Technology, Can Elmas, our Vp of Engineering, Duru Kızılkayak, our guests, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz Kılınç and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Erten

The Winners

From all competitive projects, the judges ended up picking the top three projects. And, the winners have been announced on Up&Roll stage during the closing ceremony of Tech’n Roll.

We’d like to thank all the hackers who joined us!

Here is the summary of Hack'n Roll.