Inofab Health migrates to AWS with Commencis for increased scalability and reliability

Inofab Health

"We needed an expert partner with significant experience in complex AWS migration and modernization projects. The expertise of Commencis helped us successfully navigate our AWS journey and design a robust and secure solution."   Ersin Yılmaz - Director of Digital Operations at Inofab Health

About Inofab Health

Founded in 2014, Inofab Health is a startup focusing on creating digital health platform solutions for patients of Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis patients and respiratory health enthusiasts. The company offers revolutionary respiratory care solutions for home and professional use with a human-centric approach and cutting-edge technology. It provides a software platform for functional respiratory care management, state of the art ultrasonic personal & clinic spirometers along with connected inhaler attachments with a strong focus on misuse detection. Inofab Health alerts any declines in lung health, allowing quick intervention against symptom onset and prevents unnecessary hospitalizations.

Business Challenge

Since Inofab Health provides healthcare solutions for patients, a migration project needed to be done with no downtime. The database migration process had to be completed without any service interruption as the database contained critical health metrics of Inofab Health users. Inofab Health needed a specialized and competent team with technical knowledge to migrate their applications and database by applying the best practices. So they partnered with Commencis as an Advanced AWS Cloud partner to carry out this project in a successful way.


Inofab Health was using Microsoft Azure and their existing environment located in Azure Datacenter. They were using Azure WepApps, Cosmos DB and Azure SQL Database services on Azure. And they had created Azure App service with Node.js platform. The project aimed to migrate customer’s applications from Azure to AWS in the smoothest way without any interruption.

Customer’s application designed in a two-tier architecture pattern. Application logic was implemented in an EC2 server managed by AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Data tier was implemented in a secure database solution on AWS. Both tiers are scalable.

Elastic load balancer is a user-facing component to accept web requests in Customer application. This traffic is routed to the backend EC2 servers implemented by Beanstalk service. Backend server takes care of processing the web request and return the response to ELB which is then consumed by the end-user.

CI/CD pipeline has been the core component of this project which builds the code and deploy the changes to the server. We used AWS CodePipeline for building a CI/CD pipeline.

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps to protect Customer web applications against common web exploits that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.


Thanks to the expertise of Commencis and AWS infrastructure, Inofab Health has enabled the delivery of secure and reliable applications with high availability and stability on AWS. Commencis is delighted to have a key role in helping the client in this huge migration journey.

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