SysOps Engineer

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Join us as we pave the way for a thriving digital society. We are Commencis, we help leading brands grow and scale in digital, powered by our Big Data, Analytics and Cloud products.

Commencis is founded by the same group of people that created Pozitron (later acquired by Monitise) with a new vision to become a market-defining global brand in Digital Transformation and Big Data. We designed a workplace that values collaboration and curiosity with an open mindset. If you share the same passion with our fellow Commencers, then let us unleash your world-class potential!

At Commencis, development is the heartbeat of our service offering. Our developers are technology enthusiasts who follow technology trends closely to be one step ahead all the time. Every day they use their technological know-how to create something new. By incorporating new technologies into product and service design, they help us create radically simple and seamless experiences.

The position in a nutshell

Commencis is in search of a SysOps Engineer responsible for any technological duties associated with cloud computing, including design, planning, management, maintenance, and support.
This role is required to assist cloud businesses in the delivery and management of services on cloud infrastructure through architecture and design. The main goal of cloud specialists is to operate the best practices of multi-cloud provider services to deliver the best performance, efficiency, and value to our customers.

Qualifications & Experience

  • BSc or ASc degree in related fields,
  • Min. 2 years industry experience,
  • Basic understanding of GNU/Linux operating systems,
  • Wanting to improve in container technologies like Docker & Kubernetes,
  • Basic understanding of AWS, Azure, GCP and their fundamental services,
  • Having interest and wanting to improve in topics like Big Data, Cloud Security, Cloud Computing and DevOps,
  • Strong sense of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills,
  • Effective time planning, management, and follow-up skills,
  • Passionate about new technologies and self-improvement,
  • Highly self-motivated, adaptive to teamwork,
  • Fluent in English (able to do research, follow, and create documentation),
  • Adaptive to an intense and dynamic working environment,
  • Basic understanding of network concepts (TCP/IP, HTTP, firewall, OpenSSL, tcpdump, bind, etc.)

Job Description

  • Management of applications running on open source or licensed operating systems, located on AWS, GCP, or Azure,
  • Installation of infrastructure components and configuration according to security best practices,
  • Installation and management of GNU/Linux based operating systems,
  • Troubleshooting on databases, database migration based on the cloud provider solutions,
  • Valuing self-improvement and team improvement,
  • Preferably has experience in shell scripting,
  • Able to self-improve on Relational Databases and NoSQL databases,
  • For male candidates, completed military service.

Commencis helps leading brands grow and scale in digital, powered by its big data, analytics and cloud products. Putting digital at the core, Commencis transforms businesses to thrive and stay relevant in a demanding digital world.

Driven by purpose, Commencis focuses on creating measurable positive impact and competitive advantage through technology, design and data science. Commencis enables clients to design and build digital experiences, create stronger and more meaningful relationships with their customers, and bring agility and scalability with cloud solutions.